Organic form and beautiful texture
Elegant and flowing forms that fits straight into one’s hands, or on a beautiful set table, textures differ, subtle shading, beautiful reflections and the image of the containers stacked on top of each other. We place great importance on the touch of the containers and the quality of the materials. In the search for a design that is timeless, we settled on the Weck® glass range for now. It has a natural fit in any environment, and brings grace to the movements of everyone who holds it. With elegant form and texture that reflect its beautifully crafted roots, these containers are the essence of functional beauty, made possible by the unparalleled skill of German craftsmen. Such skillful modeling has resulted in these exquisite forms overflowing with character.

Extensive collection
It is a common practice in a lot of countries all over the world to select containers that best suits each ingredient or cuisine. While some containers have distinct and specific roles, most can be used for various roles, from freezing, to baking and table ware to storage. We presents the culture of varied tableware, giving freedom to each individual for how they use it. These stackable and microwave safe containers can be arranged in countless variations adding elegant color to all your entertaining.

Timeless design
Our intention is for the designs to be timeless, not to follow trends. Inspiration are found in the beauty of nature, which is universal. We believe our product lines are products to be used in any time period, irrespective of country or culture.

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